The American University ( Foreign Credentials Evaluation ) is a non-profit organization that provides research about international education and trends and offers expert credential evaluation services.

Foundations of Foreign Credentials Evaluation (FCE ) was created by The American University specifically for  international credentials evaluation by recognition of qualifications alignment to the USA

The FCE Board of Regents is the governing body for the  American University . The board is comprised of 8-10 management professionals representing business, industry, education, and the public. Regents serve a 3-year term without compensation and provide leadership and oversight to American University operations. Regents meet twice annually and participate actively on committees and task groups between meetings.



  • The operational funds of the American University ( Foreign Credentials Evaluation )  Foundation, Incorporated are intended primarily for social services.  These are:
  • Free day care services to single parents with low income
  • Free hot meals to selected individuals and groups
  • Scholarships to create employment opportunities such as the American University -credential evaluation and research services

Curriculum Evaluation and Assessment for Accreditation.

American University has been commissioned by some U.S. universities, colleges and schools to evaluate and assess their academic curricula, the credentials of its faculty members, staff and its graduating students’ credits in all areas of study in the curriculum.  These evaluation reports were submitted with their application for national accreditation.

Most of American University clients’ institutions and individuals were granted national accreditation as institutions of Professional Qualification and/or individual credential accreditation. The U.S. educational system is becoming very popular among universities and colleges, worldwide. Every year, American University received scores of request for curriculum evaluation to conform to the academic standard of the regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities of the United States of America.



Work-Life Experience Evaluation and assessment

Improve the Credibility of Your Application. Be a Better Job Candidate.

Credits for your work Experience and reliable assessment of your work Experience .

Growing skills shortages mean real competitive advantage for employers hiring talented, internationally educated workers. Smart employers are identifying top talent from around the world by asking for credential evaluations as well as resumes

Professional qualification with academic accreditation

A WES credential evaluation makes it easier for admissions officers to understand your degrees, courses and grades in U.S. terms

professional licenses

Identify Top Global Talent. Make Better Hiring Choices.

Whether you are a professional seeking information about a license to practice, or a licensing board seeking credential verification, WES has the tools and intelligence you’re looking for.


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