Global Studies

Global Studies is an educational organization that wins more than 23 international accreditations in United kingdom and the United States in the field of training


f you are interested in business studies, you have some bookish knowledge, but you lack the practical implications and training


Business English

Benglish is an organization which offers many online courses for those people who want to learn English to use in professional as well as in personal life.

what is Benglish ?

The Benglish has built the trust across the world with its high quality English learning courses. An American university in United States is running this organization.


International Board for Coaches

Say goodbye to the local industry where you are working day and night, but getting nothing in return. Get a globally accepted training certificate and move wherever you wish to.

how about IBC ?

International Board for Coaches, are actually a Qatar based organization that is working tirelessly and professionally to train the trainers and are making them competitive for facing this overly advancing world.