• Diploma in Business Technology

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $720.00

    We build your technical skills, knowledge and confidence by combining business studies with marketing, project management and units that focus on web and emerging technologies

  • Executive Master of Business Administration

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $5,400.00

    The main emphasis of this programme is on international business, leadership, information technology and strategic management. There is a strong professional and practical orientation, based on case study method, to the curriculum.

  • EBBA- Executive Bachelor of Business Administration

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $4,400.00

    The Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA) is a one-year, two-semester intensive program designed for working professionals in middle or senior management positions & with 3 or more years of work experience.

  • Understanding and Managing Business Risk

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $120.00

    Risk is the driving force behind every business venture, so it’s important to understand risk and plan for it. Even though the best leaders are accomplished decision-makers who know how to make tough choices on the fly, in today’s business environment you must know how to proactively identify risk factors, and how to recognize when business ventures are at risk of becoming critical situations.

  • The Telecommunications Industry Overview: Version 2

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $120.00

    Connecting the globe, the telecommunications industry is an essential element of the modern business world. It is also one of the most volatile. Plagued by regulatory discord and economic uncertainty, telecom carriers have struggled to maintain sound footing and a competitive edge,

  • The Retail Industry Overview: Version 2

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $120.00

    Retail is one of the largest industries and one of the most visible to consumers. The retail industry includes businesses such as automobile dealers, retail gas stations, and department stores. Over the years, it has gone through various sales-channel shifts, from catalog sales to online selling.

  • The Principles of Financial Management

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $120.00

    Financial management is a key tool in controlling and directing the resources of any business organization. Managers–not only financial professionals but also managers whose responsibilities are largely non-financial–can use this tool to generate and analyze the financial information that is essential to decision making in business.

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry Overview: Version 3

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $120.00

    The pharmaceutical industry provides an extensive range of medications to consumers throughout the world. Comprised of a variety of stakeholders, this industry is dependent on discovering and developing medicines, manufacturing these products commercially and marketing them to health officials or consumers.

  • The Manufacturing Industry Overview: Version 2

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $120.00

    “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” Companies in the manufacturing industry seem to be taking this lesson from the legendary management guru, Peter F. Drucker, very seriously now. The manufacturing industry – the powerhouse driving many economies – has been reeling under the most challenging time in its history.

  • The Insurance Industry Overview: Version 3

    by AUCE 0 Lessons in $120.00

    Comprised of a variety of stakeholders, the Insurance industry provides products and services that are designed to protect businesses and individuals from risks. The industry players deliver risk coverage, while attempting to manage their own risks in an environment that is subject to regulatory requirements, competitive forces, margin pressures, and changing customer demands.

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