The Telecommunications Industry Overview: Version 2

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Connecting the globe, the telecommunications industry is an essential element of the modern business world. It is also one of the most volatile. Plagued by regulatory discord and economic uncertainty, telecom carriers have struggled to maintain sound footing and a competitive edge,
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all the while endeavoring to provide crucial, uninterrupted service to their customers. In an age of rapidly developing technology, this goal has become increasingly more difficult. The emergence of broadband and wireless technologies poses significant threats to carriers relying upon aging infrastructures and outdated marketing strategies. To survive, telecom carriers must consider a number of options, including consolidation, enhanced service offerings, and/or costly technological upgrades. This course is designed to help learners gain an understanding of the telecommunications industry, the tumultuous regulatory environment surrounding it, the technological challenges hindering it, and the strategies and solutions required to succeed in this challenging business environment.

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Target Audience

Consulting houses, corporations, and small-to-medium-sized enterprises that sell products or services to other sectors and industries; companies looking for knowledge and key business information in the telecommunications industry

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize the benefits of knowing about the telecommunications industry drivers, key technologies, sectors, and trends
  • recognize examples of the four main industry drivers
  • match industry segments with the services they provide
  • match the key players in the telecommunications industry to their descriptions
  • match the current trends in the telecommunications industry with examples
  • recognize the benefits of knowing the key issues and challenges facing the telecommunications industry
  • identify the key policy areas associated with telecommunications
  • match the key regulations to their implications for the telecommunications industry
  • recognize the impact of competition in the telecommunications industry in given examples
  • recognize the challenges of meeting changing technical requirements in given scenarios
  • recognize the benefits of knowing the strategies that telecommunications companies use to overcome industry challenges
  • recognize strategies for overcoming telecom challenges in given scenarios
  • identify strategies employed by leading telecom companies to overcome challenges
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