The Automotive Industry Overview

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Trends in the automotive industry are considered a barometer of a mature economy. The industry has been going through some dramatic changes in the last few years, and major manufacturers, including the Big Three (General Motors, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler) and their suppliers, are reorganizing to be competitive in the global marketplace.
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In the unrelenting push for lower costs, operational efficiency, and innovation, automotive companies are challenged to deliver higher value more efficiently than ever before. This dynamic automotive environment is also characterized by increasingly sophisticated consumers and redefined supplier relationships. Although regions such as South and Central Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe present enormous opportunities for the automotive industry, it is very true that North America is still the largest market for the industry as a whole. Understanding the industry environment and dynamics is vital to all those who have an interest in the automotive industry. This course provides a high-level view of the automotive industry environment, including its key players, business model, and structure, and navigates learners through relevant business and regulatory issues. A report on the state of affairs and insights on the automotive industry are also presented. The course reflects on issues and challenges that the industry is facing in North America and other parts of the world, and examines strategic solutions the industry is using to overcome them. The overall purpose of this course is not to make learners industry experts, but to help them get a feel for the industry and discover some of the successful strategies the key players are applying.

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Target Audience

Consulting houses, corporations, and small-to-medium-sized enterprises that sell products or services to other sectors and industries; companies looking for knowledge and key business information in these particular industries

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize the value of knowing the automotive industry key players and its business sectors and trends
  • recognize examples of activities that take place at each stage in the automotive industry supply chain
  • match the leading automotive players with their contributions to the automotive industry
  • recognize key industry trends in given scenarios
  • identify the benefits of knowing the key issues and challenges facing the automotive industry
  • match the high-priority regulatory issues to examples of how they affect the automotive industry
  • recognize factors responsible for declining profitability in the automotive industry in given scenarios
  • recognize the factors driving competition in given scenarios
  • recognize the implications of competition in given scenarios
  • identify the key strategies that automotive companies employ to overcome issues and challenges
  • recognize how knowledge of the strategies that successful companies employ to overcome challenges will benefit you
  • determine the appropriate strategies to overcome challenges in given scenarios
  • match the automotive sourcing strategy to its use in a given scenario
  • match the common challenges with the technological strategies a company can use to overcome them
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