Superior Project Management (SPM)

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Superior Project Management introduces participants to the core competencies and processes of project management. Founded on the Project Management Institute's (PMI) framework of five processes
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this program uses hands-on, expert-led activities to increase participants’ confidence in project management, enabling them to successfully manage projects from start to finish. The learning sequences establish the foundations of project management before focusing on its core processes. This expert-led course also introduces the professional responsibilities of project managers and examines their professional code of conduct.

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Target Audience

Superior Project Management is appropriate for any professional interested in pursuing a career in project management. The course introduces concepts, processes, and terminology discussed in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) and provides foundational instruction to learners preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. Project Managers who have had no formal training on the concepts of the PMBOK Guide will also enhance their skills by completing this course.


There are no prerequisites to this course.


  • Module 1: Project Management and Processes Overview

Lesson 1: Project Management Overview

Lesson 2: Project Roles and Responsibilities

Lesson 3: Processes and Knowledge Areas

  • Module 2: Initiating

Lesson 1: Project Selection

Lesson 2: Developing the Project Charter

  • Module 3: Developing a Project Plan

Lesson 1: Project Plan Components

Lesson 2: Project Scope Planning

Lesson 3: The Scope Statement

  • Module 4: Time and Cost Management Planning

Lesson 1: Time Management Planning

Lesson 2: Scheduling Tools and Processes

Lesson 3: Cost Planning

  • Module 5: Human Resource and Communication Planning

Lesson 1: Organizational and Resource Planning

Lesson 2: Building a Communications Plan

  • Module 6: Quality Management Planning

Lesson 1: Developing a Quality Management Plan

Lesson 2: Quality Tools and Techniques

  • Module 7: Procurement Management Planning

Lesson 1: Procurement Planning Components

Lesson 2: Plan Contracting

  • Module 8: Risk Planning

Project Management Process Groups and Bodies of Knowledge

Lesson 1: Risk Management Process

Lesson 2: Risk Identification

Lesson 3: Risk Response Planning

  • Module 9: Executing the Plan

Project Management Process Groups and Bodies of Knowledge

Lesson 1: Project Manager’s Execution Responsibilities

Lesson 2: Building and Managing a Team

Lesson 3: Problem Solving

Lesson 4: Quality Assurance

Lesson 5: Communications: Information Distribution

Lesson 6: Request Sellers Responses & Selecting Sellers

  • Module 10: Monitoring and Controlling the Plan

Lesson 1: Scope Status Verification and Control

Lesson 2: Reviewing Schedule, Cost, and Quality

Lesson 3: Performance Reporting

Lesson 4: Risk Monitoring and Control

Lesson 5: Contract Administration

  • Module 11: Closing the Project

Lesson 1: Closure Components

Lesson 2: Project Closure Reporting

Lesson Objectives

  • Describe the importance of using project management best practices
  • Understand and apply the five project management processes
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders
  • Define and complete best practice techniques for all planning processes
  • Execute the project according to plan
  • Identify the steps used to prevent, recognize, and solve project problems
  • Perform the best practice techniques for monitoring and controlling the project
  • Identify the activities performed in the closing a project
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