Negotiating – Getting Past No to Yes!

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Let me make you an offer that you can’t refuse! The negotiation process is an opportunity to define, communicate, and achieve what you want. A skilled negotiator understands the different variables that allow them to build a partnership with the other party so they can both be satisfied with the outcome of a negotiation.
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It’s called a win-win result and is key to building relationships for future interactions. Negotiating when there is a lot at stake can be intimidating for the most experienced people. This two-session course will share the tools and techniques necessary to provide a framework and offer the skills necessary to achieve that win-win result you’re looking for. An offer they can’t refuse? Hopefully!

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There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • Negotiating: Getting Past No to Yes!
  • Establishing your terms of agreement
  • Researching the other party
  • Preparing for an agreement
  • Conducting a negotiation
  • Advanced negotiating tactics
  • Course summary

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to further their career by being an astute negotiator.

Lesson Objectives

  • Identifying the objectives, which are your desired outcome of the negotiation and are affected by variables and the strengths and weaknesses of both parties.
  • Establishing your requirements using a six-step process to prepare for a negotiation and include team input as part of the preparation.
  • Gathering information about the other party and its negotiating team using various sources.
  • Estimating the other party’s requirements using a five-step process and involving team members in research.
  • Determining concessions and bartering boundaries, which are two of the six steps to take when formulating a plan for agreement.
  • Establishing the logistics of where, when, who, and what affect the success of a negotiation.
  • Learning the process to conduct a successful negotiation.
  • Communicating effectively during a negotiation and understanding the barriers to effective communication, which are essential in a negotiation.
  • Recognizing, using and countering the five different negotiating style types.
  • Managing difficult negotiation situations to ensure a win-win for both parties.
  • Learning how to gain control in a negotiation through dialog, appropriate questioning, and knowing your limits, objectives, and alternatives.
  • Recognizing and addressing different negotiation tactics helps create a successful negotiation.
  • Responding appropriately to the other party’s use of unethical tactics to maintain control of the negotiation.
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