Managing a Project Team

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At some point, every manager or highly regarded employee seems to be tasked with forming and managing a team to complete some business project. As a result, every manager can benefit from this exciting Business Professional Development course.
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This activity-based course teaches students the most effective way to manage a product team through all phases of the project’s life cycle. Through the invaluable lessons taught in this course, students will ensure projects are more successful by focusing on the all-important factors of meeting objectives, controlling costs, ensuring organizational satisfaction, and meeting or beating time constraints.

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There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • Managing a Project Team
  • Projects and project teams
  • Creating a project team
  • Conducting team meetings
  • Communicating in a project team
  • Decision-making in a project team
  • Preparing teams for project work
  • Course summary

Target Audience

This course is a necessity for any students that would like to improve their project team management skills.

Lesson Objectives

  • Identify the phases and requirements of a successful project, build and organize a project team, and avoid pitfalls in project teams
  • Identify the characteristics of a project team, understand who the project stakeholders are, recognize how individual responsibilities and stress affect the team, and how team members can self-evaluate
  • Identify various roles in project team meetings, maximize the effectiveness of team meetings, understand the purpose of introductory meetings and the goal-setting process, and identify various issues that a team might face during team meetings
  • Communicate effectively through active listening and nonverbal and verbal communication techniques, and receive and give effective feedback
  • Use various methods of decision-making, resolve team conflict, and achieve consensus in a project team
  • Empower and motivate a project team, develop a positive culture, identify the causes of change in a team, manage change, and improve existing project teams
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