High Impact Presentations

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Your ability to deliver presentations that have a high impact on the audience is a hugely important skill regardless of your professional career type.
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Whether you are presenting to an audience with the goal of instructing, persuading, or reporting, this course ensures that your next presentation contains the key elements of success that mark the very finest of lecture sessions. This course seeks to guide you through the entire process of succeeding with high impact presentations – from the fundamentals, to the planning of the event, to the eventual delivery.

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

    • High Impact Presentations
    • Fundamentals of presentation
    • Audience analysis and supporting material
    • Building presentations
    • Presentation mechanics
    • Presentation process
    • Question-and-answer session
    • Fundamentals of persuasion
    • Course summary

Target Audience

This course is a necessity for any students that are tasked with the development or delivery of presentations.

Lesson Objectives

High Impact Presentations

    • Identify and use effective presentations, use different types of presentations, plan a presentation, and determine primary and secondary objectives
    • Analyze the audience, determine the supporting material, and learn about different types of supporting material
    • Build a presentation, develop an introduction, capture the audience attention, organize the body of the presentation, use transitions, and conclude the presentation
    • Incorporate visual aids, understand the types of visual aids, display, and create visual aids
    • Use a presentation process, prepare before speaking in a presentation, deliver a presentation, and use nonverbal communication Handle the questions effectively, approach the question-and-answer session, responsibilities during a session, and handle challenging questions aids
    • Persuade a presentation, understand the goals of persuasion, organize a persuasive presentation, and use the methods of persuasion
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