Federal Government Industry Overview

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The federal government industry is the world's largest service provider with primary responsibility to provide essential services to its citizens funded through its collection of taxes. A federal government is usually comprised of a host of governmental departments and various stakeholders, which can include, but are not limited to, individual states, provinces, and territories.
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A federal government delivers services, creates and enforces laws, maintains highways, collects taxes, defends national sovereignty, encourages investment, provides education, oversees environmental issues, and performs a host of other services to its citizens. Different nations, and their respective federal governments, all adopt strategies to overcome the challenges they face that can stagnate services, overextend budgets, cause intradepartmental barriers, and impede hiring the best employees. Federal governments are continually driven to find solutions through improving service delivery, reducing costs, opening departmental barriers, and attracting a talented workforce. This course is designed to help learners understand key concepts, terminology, issues, and challenges associated with the federal government industry, and strategies employed to meet some of those challenges. It will identify the main sectors of the federal government industry and its business drivers, and review the key aspects of the federal government business model, its competitive environment, and the current trends in government services. Finally, this course outlines some key challenges that this industry is facing and presents common strategies that the players in the industry are adopting to overcome challenges. This course was updated in 2013.

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Lesson Objectives

The Federal Government Industry Overview: Version 3

  • identify the main drivers of the federal government industry
  • match federal government industry sectors with their services
  • recognize the federal government industry business model
  • recognize typical responsibilities of external companies and their employees doing business with federal governments
  • recognize examples of current industry trends
  • recognize examples of the federal government industry challenges
  • match the appropriate strategy to address each federal government industry challenge
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