AU offers more than just an education—it offers career training in some of today’s hottest occupations. The career programs we offer you are in strong demand!

Financial Assistance for those who qualify is available for each one of our career programs. Not sure how to find out if you qualify for Financial Aid? Don’t know what Financial Aid opportunities are available to you? Need to know where to start? We can help!

After you graduate, you may return to AMERICAN UNIVERSITY if you are ever in need of skill retraining or updating—at no cost to you! This benefit allows you to keep pace with growing trends in your industry and ensures that you are always trained to the best of your abilities.

Anytime after graduation, you can also take advantage of our continuous Graduate Placement Assistance—at no charge! While we cannot guarantee job placement, we make every effort to successfully place our students in their career field in the location they seek.

We know that our students lead busy lives and that work and other obligations may make it tough for them to go to school. You need flexibility—that’s why we offer you Distance Learning Education . Pick the Professional Program that best suits your busy lifestyle.

Compared to many colleges, universities and community colleges, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY offers smaller class sizes for face to face classes . This translates to more quality time with our instructors, and a more personal learning environment. To us, you’re more than a number, or even a face. You’re a member of our family.

When you attend AMERICAN UNIVERSITY , you’ll do a lot more than read and write. You’ll get the chance to roll up your sleeves and get your hands on real-world professional equipment and tools within a very innovative environment . We don’t just tell you how to do your job, we show you.

Our instructors know precisely what skills you’ll need to possess in order to be successful because they have experience in your chosen field. With your best interests in mind, they'll do all they can to help you be as prepared as possible for the real world.

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Institute constantly updates its training facilities and equipment to keep pace with emerging trends and technologies. Modern systems give you the opportunity to train with industry-current systems you’ll be using in your future work setting.

Our Student Services Department offers a variety of helpful services that make your education go as smoothly as possible. Whether you need to find a part-time job or locate housing, we’re there for you! Think of us as a help desk for your education.