Service Excellence Expert

Service Excellence Expert
Starts from:Fri, April 20, 2018
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It’s obviously a treat to have a sumptuous meal at a five-star restaurant, or be doted on at a five star resort. But five star services extend beyond our personal entertainment. A certain degree of pampering is key to achieving customer loyalty, and this course shows us how to make “five star attitude” an integral part of our service commitment. These lessons are designed to foster awareness and new skills that deepen our customer service expertise. Gain techniques for personalizing customer interaction. Enhance your approach to customer assistance by giving it form in a structured plan. Understand the critical differences in specialized service when you are dealing with customers over the phone. And since technology now has an increasingly important place in daily business, you’ll integrate tips for service-friendly e-mail into your customer assistance practices. With interactive examples, simulated dialogues, and game-like exercises, this skill-building course takes your customer service proficiency up a notch toward excellence.


  • Gain awareness of daily practices that are cornerstones for a program of service excellence.
  • Recognize the keys to customer loyalty.
  • Recognize the role a positive mentality plays in delivering customer service excellence.
  • Identify the importance of supporting your peers to achieve service excellence.
  • Identify the factors to consider when determining the frequency of contacting customers.
  • Match appropriate responses to different customer behavior styles.
  • Recognize the benefits of face-to-face greeting standards.
  • Effectively use strategies for personalized greetings in a given situation.
  • Use active listening in a given scenario.
  • Follow the steps to formulate a customer assistance plan.
  • Recognize the special challenges of providing service over the phone as compared to greeting customers in person.
  • Recognize the impact of tone, enunciation, choice of words, and pace when dealing with customers over the phone.
  • Use an effective initial response to answer the phone in a given situation.
  • Select responses that are most appropriate for the customer’s style.
  • Use techniques to determine whether what you heard is what the customer actually said.
  • Use service-oriented methods to transfer a phone call in a given situation.
  • Gain awareness of the benefits of having guidelines for using the Internet and e-mail effectively with customers.
  • Identify important statements concerning the effective use of e-mail.
  • Determine whether there are mistakes in a given e-mail.
  • Recognize the importance of maintaining professionalism in on-line correspondence.


Admission Requirement

Candidates are expected to be familiar with basic customer Service knowledge..

Tuition cost

Total course tuition and fees: 9,250$.