Certificate in Healthcare Management

Certificate in Healthcare Management
Starts from:Fri, April 20, 2018
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The challenges facing the healthcare sector are mounting, seemingly on a daily basis. Demand for service is increasing while the provision of cost-effective care is under scrutiny. The  Certificate in Healthcare Management – the first comprehensive certificate program of its kind in USA  – addresses the unique leadership issues facing healthcare professionals, providing tools, techniques, and best practices to effectively lead in the complex of world  healthcare sector.

About the course

Our program faculty includes leaders in healthcare, business and academia who will share their insight and knowledge with participants in an integrated and experiential learning environment.


  • recognize the value of knowing about the health care industry value chain, key players, business sectors, and trends
  • match the key categories of stakeholders in the health care value chain to their examples
  • identify the cost factors and revenue sources associated with the health care industry
  • match each sector in the health care industry to its characteristics
  • match the leading health care players to their sectors and contributions
  • match the current trends in the health care industry to their examples
  • recognize the benefits of knowing the key issues and challenges facing the health care industry
  • identify the issues and implications associated with health care regulations
  • identify the key cost-driving factors contributing to the rise in health care premiums
  • match key health care delivery challenges to their examples
  • recognize the benefits of knowing the strategies that successful health care companies use to overcome challenges
  • match the key health care industry challenges to strategies that help to overcome them
  • identify the IT strategies used to overcome challenges in the health care industry
  • match key consumer-focused strategies in health care to their examples


Admission Requirements

Students must have completed secondary education at AS level with a minimum age of 17 years and have the following English proficiency

Tuition cost

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
Have a high school/secondary school diploma