Professional Qualification


Professional qualification includes any degree obtained after basic four year under graduate degree. Professional qualification includes Masters Programs either specializing in one subject or a dual degree where the focus in on two different subjects merged together for example international relations and journalism. Many people opt for a post graduate qualification up to PHD level, becoming experts in their respective fields.

Anyone who is pursuing needs to have a solid CGPA in their under graduate degree and some basic background in the subject they are pursuing their professional qualification. Apart from a good CGPA, students need to have an excellent command on the English language because most programs are now conducted in English all around the world. Many universities especially in the US require students to take a standardized test known as GMAT or GRE and getting a good score in them is essential for one to get into a post graduate program.

Pursing professional qualifications require focus and commitment. Most of these programs are research oriented and have a very rigorous curriculum. The general length of these programs is usually two years but it also depends on your area of study and the research involved in it. The admission requirements vary from university to university but generally people who show a strong sense of commitment, knowledge, academic excellence and command on the language often make the cut. In this day and age having a professional qualification is a must as the job market now requires you to have a particular skill to offer which sets you apart from the rest of your peers.


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