Foreign Credentials Evaluation


Many students often try to transfer to the US from all around the world to finish their college degree from a reputable international university. Foreign students are requires to meet certain set criteria for applying and getting into a program to finish their degree. Most of these transfers take place at an under graduate level thus the evaluation criteria is quite rigorous. Firstly foreign students need to pass the standardized test which is SAT and / or give a language exam which is either TOFEL or IELTS to demonstrate their command on the English language. Apart from this, students are supposed to submit the list of all the courses they have taken in their previous universities. These courses are then compared with the degree and university requirements of where they are applying and thus are then placed in the respective year according to the number of degree requirements they have already met.

Each university has a different criterion for evaluation and accreditationbut generally they look at the SAT scores and the courses taken and how relevant they are to the degree the students are transferring too. In the final stages interviews are conducted and people meeting the set criterion are then selected into their preferred programs to finish their degree at a US university.

Most foreign students apply for financial aid or different scholarships which are offered and based on academic excellence or financial needs these are more often than not awarded to students who show promise.

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