BEnglish Level 1: Beginner


The course focuses on contexts that are relevant to your working life. Therefore, you can select materials to help you with the specific areas you want to improve. These might include negotiating skills, telephone and teleconference skills, making presentations, or managing meetings.

BEnglish Level 1: Beginner.

This level has specially been designed for those people who do not have much skill of speaking English or who at the starting stage of the learning. The working knowledge of business is required to give to those beginners so that they can build strong base of English on which they will be able to stand and to balance their business English on it. The basic knowledge which is required to be learned by everyone is given to the learners at this level. We are aimed at providing the high quality of English learning training in order to improve the communication skills of the learners and to enhance the English speaking capability of those people who are new to the stage of English learning. We want out beginners to develop a very fast progress in learning English. They can learn very conveniently by staying at their homes. The main purpose of this course is not only to familiarize the learners about the basics of English but also to give them such an ease and comfort which make them enjoy their learning and they are more pushed up to take their English skill to the next level.

What you need to StartOnline Study ?

-Collection of business English worksheets
-Different language support
-Glossary of modern business English terms
-Business English practice quizzes
-White paper and study guides

Trainees need to have access to a PC/Laptop with an internet connection, where he/she could study anywhere at anytime by logging into the “BEnglish” portal. Benglish online presentation along with vocal explanation gives an individual to experience a real classroom ambiance and the Learning Management System (LMS) will support them by providing supplementary study materials via online and live sessions. At the end of every module, a live review session will be conducted along with some practice questions to clarify students’ doubts, increase and gain additional knowledge

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What is BEnglish ?

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