Consultants Courses

Consultants Courses

Consultant Preparation Programs.

The Consultant Preparation Programs are also considered to be of the most important specialized rehabilitation programs at the American University and are classified at the third level of the vocational rehabilitation educational system in the Department of Continuous Education and development at the American University.

Continue to develop your workforce and provide them with the tools to tackle increasingly complex problems..

These programs prepare professional consultants in a wide range of knowledge and practical disciplines, which are most popular and demanded in the contemporary global labor market, through offering an intensive summary of theoretical and empirical knowledge along with its operational tools and instruments for all learners in these programs, so that they would be able to attain and hold the most prestigious positions after graduation. Additionally, these programs offer learners opportunities to enhance their professional creativity in their careers based on the latest concepts, tools and techniques of specialized vocational work applicable on a world scale.

The Consultant Preparation Programs:

• Sales Management Consultant (SMC)®
• Human Resources Consultant (HRC)®
• Marketing and Strategic Planning Consultant (MSPC)®
• Project Management Consultant (PMC)®
• Certified Quality Consultant (CQC) ®

Admission requirements:

Applicants must be 30 years of age or older.
Have a Master Degree / EMBA
Interview with the Dean.

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